A Beginner's Guide to Buying in Antigua

With so many homes currently on the market, buyers can house-hunt for months, even years, before finding the perfect property. From houses with character to modern developments, hidden away on a hilltop or feet from the water’s edge, the choices are endless.

Purchasing any home always raises its own set of unique issues, and with such a large selection of properties available, all in a similar condition, all listed at a similar price, it makes it almost impossible to pick just one. And when you do, how do you know it’s the right one? We’ve compiled our top five giveaways that the home you’re viewing might just be the right one for you.

Luxury Locations’ five ways to know if you’ve found your perfect property   

1. You will feel possessive about it immediately. If you view a property and leave wondering how quickly you can get your offer on the table, or come up with a plan to secure it as soon as possible, it might be the right one for you.

2. You start justifying its flaws. A busy road 10 feet from the bedroom window? A next-door neighbour that thinks he’s the world’s greatest DJ? Ok, we exaggerate. But if you find yourself viewing a property with traits that you would usually find undesirable yet you like the house so much that you start compiling a mental list of reasons why the pros outweigh the cons, you might have found the right house for you.

3. The bathroom and kitchen don’t repulse you. Let’s face it we are only human. It’s true that, generally speaking, other people’s kitchens and bathrooms have definite stomach-churning potential. So, if you do find yourself in love with the home’s free-standing bath tub or drooling over the induction hobs, that’s an indication that you’re falling head over heels with a home that might just be the jackpot.

4. You involuntarily imagine your own family, furniture, décor, daily activities or remodelling choices in the house. They say that dressing a home helps prospective buyers envision their own lives taking place in that property. But whether or not a home is dressed, if you find your imagination Photoshopping and inserting your own sofa into the living room, your pictures on the wall or your table in the dining room – or even start mentally removing walls entirely – it’s possible that the home you’re in could be the ideal one. 

5. You lose interest in viewing other homes. When you’ve found the house for you, continuing through that long list of properties you have been staring at for months starts to seem futile, like a waste of energy you could be using to move into your ideal home.